Women ARE Assets in Combat

To: William Denn
The New London Day

RE: Women Can Be Assets in Combat

Women ARE Assets in Combat

Currently 214,098 women are in the United States military and by 2016 there will be 200,000 job opportunities that make up the ground level combat force. This is a great development for the 200,000 women in such positions but what about the 14,098 that don’t have such luck?

From birth women experience gender discrimination and modification. Baseball players have a pitching distance of 60 ft. 6 in. and softball players a distance of 43 feet. Female softball pitchers throw underhand opposed to male baseball players throwing overhand this considered to involve a higher level of athleticism.

Why the constant gender discrimination? In matters of the military we all take a bullet the same way. Males do not have bullet proof skin. Males do not have super powers. Males are human, as are females. Madaline Kenyon passed the West Point obstacle course with a score considered to be outstanding on the “men’s scale”, but she cannot officially serve in infantry, armor, artillery, or other jobs in combat with the men she surpassed. Physically she has all the qualifications but because her gender is female she is held back.

Have no fear there is hope for Madaline, she can bring “social sensitivity” to the battlefield and help increase the military’s ability to elicit critical intelligence. This is a valuable enhancement however how about the women who have sacrificed their lives for this country. The focus should be on women’s success in the military. The daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends and friends that fight for the freedom of the males who choose not to join the military.

Since this “social sensitivity” has become critical shouldn’t men be trained to use these techniques? Or is this just another one of those “special” female traits. If women are expected to carry as much weight as men, which they have proven to be capable of, then men should have the same “social sensitivity” skills if it helps benefit the military.


Kelly Verhasselt
CT Resident.


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