LA 3

Coursework, texts, and experiences at Eastern Connecticut State University and Johnson & Wales University have certainly enhanced my skills to communicate effectively orally, visually, and in writing.
Dating back to my freshmen year my first trimester taken at Johnson and Wales University I had taken a Basic English Composition Course. I found this class to be extremely easy because I had taken a college level public Speaking class in High School. It was evident to my professor that I found the criteria to be easy so she began to challenge me. She told me when I am presenting to not use note cards like the rest of the class an challenge myself to paint a picture for the other students of what was in my head. This challenge therefore made me dig deeper into my research to gather more details beyond what I was writing in my papers (Austin).
A class that I am currently taking is Business Report Writing with a Micro Application. This class is very business etiquette driven and we are challenged to write business letters, letters of regret, memos, etc. This course is preparing me to communicate effectively in the professional world (Esposito). Human Resource Management has helped me put together a proper resume, a document that is important in any field of study (Nolin). Business Management is another course that touched base on resumes as well as teach students to write a business plan. Business plans need to be orally presented to effectively visualize the concepts of the writing (Petranek).
Finally Organizational Behavior was a class I had taken in the spring of 2012, just about every other class we had an oral presentation and the professor certainly did not hold back constructive criticism until the presentations were perfect. He taught us to be concise and to the point when presenting to keep the audience intrigued and involved (Miaoulis).

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