LA 5

Coursework, texts, and experiences at Eastern Connecticut State University has enhanced my skills to better understand how a person’s culture influences his/her view of the world. Currently I am researching aspects of individualism and collectivism in the workplace for my Liberal Arts Capstone Colloquium (Stoloff). This idea of individualism and collectivism had been presented to me in my Job Satisfaction and Motivation course and touches of cultural factors to why people express and support the two concepts. For example people who enjoy teamwork and group benefits generally come from a collectivist society/culture (Bachiochi).
In fall of 2014 I had taken International Marketing, here the class discussed proper business etiquette in different cultures and how to be courteous to the different methods. In some cultures people don’t find it important to be on time, or prefer to talk up close and personal. These traits evolve from different cultural backgrounds and to effectively communicate with others it is important to be educated about the areas that business is taking place (Cavarkapa).
In both Women in Work and Intro to Women’s Studies courses we discussed the topic of beauty (Kenny). Every culture is different, piercings, face paint, robes, makeup, neck rings, etc. some may be considered beautiful to certain people and unattractive to others. It’s interesting to see how our ideas, attitudes, and behaviors are molded from our cultural backgrounds. All of these experiences have helped me be more open to others views of the world other than my own (Bergstrom-Lynch).

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