LA 4

Coursework, texts, and experiences at Eastern Connecticut State University has enhanced my skills to use scientific methods and concepts and quantitative skills to solve problems and make informed decisions. Though several of the courses I have taken are a part of this I feel that classes more so in my major have had the greatest impact.
Social Sciences classes such as Organizational Communication, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Organizational Psychology and Workplace Satisfaction & Motivation have greatly improved my quantitative skills. With these new skills I have a better ability to make decisions and solve problems in the workplace (Bachiochi, Clark, Everton, Wolter).
Examples of this include how to deal with workplace conflict, boost motivation in employees and how to meet employee’s needs. All of these classes are based on how to make a productive workplace environment for that benefits not only the company but the employees as well.
Business Report Writing with a Micro Application, a class that I am currently taking, has been teaching me how to communicate through business letters. For example letters of regret, basic business letters, and persuasive letters as well. The skills the professor is teaching us is how to be brief and evaluate the importance of all the information that is decided to go into to letter. Before this course I was so used to dragging papers out to make the interesting but this class contradicts that and has us be to the point (Esposito).

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