LA 2

Over the past few years attending Eastern Connecticut State University I have been exposed to a variety of different experiences that have enhanced my skills to examine, organize, and synthesize in ways appropriate to several contexts. Courses have provided me with tutorials and lessons that introduce me to the numerous resources available to me as an Eastern Connecticut State University student.
Previous to my college experience I had never had to use databases that provide peer reviewed articles. In Spring Semester of 2013, my Organizational Behavior class required the use of such journals for an extensive research assignment. The topic of the research paper was whether team composition effects team efficacy, a difficult topic to research but with all of the databases provided by the university the assignment was a success (Clark).
With an upcoming research assignment in LAP 430 the class attended a tutorial on how to properly use the online databases (Stoloff). Here I was exposed to different sources such as JSTOR and Lexis/Nexis academic search. These particular databases are more directed towards business and Social Science topics(Eugene) .
During the Fall Semester of 2013 I had taken a course in Marketing Research this course exposed me to different methods to examine certain ways to approach people and synthesizing the information they provide to you. For example my team had to develop a survey pertaining to purchasing preferences (online vs traditional), we were taught how to develop the survey so it was appealing to the participants (Chase).
Currently I am enrolled in a course based on job satisfaction and motivation in the workplace. This class has exposed me to different theories on goal setting, satisfaction and motivation. The information from this class has helped me understand why people act certain ways not only in the workplace but life in general. Its classes such as this that interest me and help me with my professional career (Bachochi).

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