Five Year Plan

Upon my graduation in May, I am looking forward to pushing towards the next phase in my life setting academic, professional, and social goals to follow. In my Five year plan I will discuss opportunities to peruse and individual challenges that need to be taken into consideration.
In the next year I will continue to work as a server at an upscale restaurant located in Mystic Connecticut. This may not seem ambitious but the idea behind this is to save money to support my professional goals. During this period I will be networking as much as possible to expand my social web. I am a strong believer in the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, but of course having knowledge it important. In addition to networking I plan to research possible career opportunities in Human Resource Management.
After this in between phase of graduation and the real professional world I would like to move to New Hampshire and further my education at Southern New Hampshire University. Here I plan on taking courses in Hospitality. My Ultimate goal is to work Human Resource Management at resorts and hotels and I feel pursuing this career may be a challenge without the proper education.
After I finish my education my goal is to work at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel or the Wentworth Hotel in New Hampshire. If there is no opportunities available at these two properties I will use you contacts gathered from networking to find open positions. I will most likely begin at an associate position, I would prefer this so I can gain more experience and knowledge.
After working in an associate position for a year I will become a Human Resource Manager, taking responsibilities that this position entails. This includes coordinating the implementation of people-related services, policies, and programs through the staff; and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.
After a year of being a Human Resources Manager I hope to receive the industry average salary of $99,720 plus benefits. By this time I will be 28 years old and will purchase a home in New Hampshire. In the first few years of my career I hope to have the opportunity to travel. Many people tend to travel right after graduation but I would prefer to get started with my career. Traveling for my job will also further develop my networking and possibly provide opportunities and relationships in the hospitality industry.
I would eventually like to settle down and have a family but I feel that this five year plan will fulfill my expectations of being an established self-supporting female. I would like to lead a comfortable lifestyle and feel that pursuing a career in Human Resources will allow me to be truly happy with my career choice. I will use my past experience in the hospitality industry with my education in Business, and Social Sciences to achieve my goals. I know there will be challenges during this five year course but with my determination I will succeed.


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