Akus Gallery

As a senior at Eastern Connecticut State University many would think I should know my campus like the back of my hand. This has proven to be far from the truth. I had recently attended my first art show at the Akus Gallery on campus. After wandering around the building for twenty minutes I finally was able to direct myself to my destination by smelling the food and hearing the voices of those who admire the arts. Upon my arrival I was warmly welcomed by an art student and made my way into the show. Needless to say I may have been a little out of my element, several people we involved in deep conversations about the different styles and mediums of the displays. I was able to walk through the show in just a few swift moments while others took their time to visualize what was before them. I found many of the pieces to be beautiful and so diverse. There was one section titled German Humor I thought to be original and political. This reminded me of the old German propaganda from the World War II era. Some of the work seemed light and joyful and others aroused darker feelings. I specifically remember one artist had a black and white ink paintings of crows reminding me of the 1963 film The Birds that had terrified me as a child. The liberal arts program at Eastern has allowed me to get taste of others interests and enabled me to understand the point of view other have. I am happy I attended this show and was able to step out of my comfort zone


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