AFE-Future Explorations

Afe-Future Explorations

In five years I aspire to obtain a professional career relating to social sciences in a business atmosphere. I would like to train and educate individuals, such as managers, on how to ensure their employees are motivated and satisfied. I will be working with the human resources department to do so. In ten years, after a few years as an understudy, I intend to work in the hospitality industry. Here I will apply my knowledge to businesses such as hotels and resorts. I currently have experience in the hospitality field and combining my past work experiences with my education will give me an advantage in pursing this career path.
According to the Type Focus personality assessment I am considered to be an ENTJ meaning I obtain traits of extraversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. ENTJs are considered action- oriented problem-solvers who conceptualize what they want and organize themselves and others to achieve it. ENTJs make great organizational leaders because they understand how groups work, and they want everyone to become efficient and effective. They are outgoing, organized, and strong. ENTJs are business like in addressing issues, and aspire to work among others who feel the same. They are considered to be tough minded leaders who aren’t afraid of challenging others to defend their positions; they demand accountability (typefocus).
In addition to these tendencies, ENTJs are analytical problem solvers and are well suited for careers in consulting, human resources, administration and management, university teaching, marketing and research positions. Employees in these occupations usually need several years of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and/or vocational training. A considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is needed for these occupations. Focusing on the human resources option for careers I discovered that the top five skills desires for this position include management of personnel resources, active listening, speaking, social perceptiveness, and reading comprehension (typefocus).
Majors that support the previously listed careers include a four year bachelor’s degree in business, or human resources management, marketing, and other relating areas. My current course of study is business and social sciences. I have taken courses business courses in management, human resource management, marketing research, international marketing, finance, personal financial planning, consumer behavior, among other courses. Social science is the competitive advantage in education that I obtain. Among the business aspect I also have taken courses in group and team orientation, work satisfaction and motivation, industrial organizational psychology, and organizational communication.
I do not feel the career exploration necessarily changed my future career goals. I believe that thus far I am on the right track and if anything this research validated this. I found the personality assessment to be useful in helping me clarify what personality types I embody and ensures me that I have set attainable goals. I had written the first paragraph previous to taking the personality assessment and have confidence in stating I find the results to be extremely relevant to the direction in my career. This further research has motivated me and given me the confidence I will be able to become successful.


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